Established in 2016, Cheshire Hunt Sabs are a group of autonomous individuals dedicated to saving the lives of hunted and persecuted animals in Cheshire and beyond.


We use non-violent direct action to investigate, confront and expose the illegal and immoral slaughter of wildlife.

We are Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs.


What can I do?

The Cheshire Hunt Sabs store gives you a way to show your support for our efforts.
All proceeds from the store are used to help us protect wildlife in Cheshire and beyond.

Anything you can spare would really help to keep us equipped and in the killing fields of Cheshire and beyond, to save our precious wildlife!

Finding the location of the Cheshire Hunts can be hard due to the sheer scale of the Cheshire countryside. If you have any information that might help us find them. Please let us know.

Whether you can drive a vehicle, read maps, or want to get in the field. If you're passionate about animal rights, Cheshire Hunt Sabs need you.